Who we are

USA Electrical Services officially formed as a corporation in June of 2001 by John Eisenbeis and Dwayne Dixon. Two best friends having worked in the industry together since the early 80’s decided there was a better way to serve the community’s need for professional and honest electricians. Too many times customers and potential customers are upsold or taken advantage of in a field that is very technically difficult to understand. All too often are service technicians sent to a site and told to execute a job based on wrong or outdated information and they do it based on a blanket policy or instruction by someone who is in another state, or even country!


What we do

We work on common sense and training. Our technicians are trained to evaluate the bigger picture. We don’t waste our customers’ time and money on callbacks because we didn’t know how to fix an issue or bring the right parts. We keep a list of specs for every customer and when something is needed, we are prepared without the necessity of a fact-finding visit to the site. USA Electrical seeks to provide dependable and honest advice and work for any job, big or small. We will not always be the cheapest but we will always be on time and ready to do the job correctly. We will never leave a customer stranded with no repair and never go to a service call trying to sell them something. Above and beyond that, we routinely work with our customers to meet deadlines, complete work outside of our defined services offered to save money on another contractor, and happily repair issues caused by contractors who came before us who lacked the ability to complete a complicated job.




"USA Electrical Services, Inc. is doing construction and contracting differently. Give us a call today and give us just one opportunity to show you the difference and you won’t be disappointed. We stay in business through referrals and word of mouth recommendations and we value quality over quantity. We don’t overbook our schedule and force our electricians to rush through jobs all day causing mistakes. They do the job right the first time with an unparalleled amount of dedication to their work."

-John Eisenbeis, President